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“The Nine Tailed Fox is an alien, an immigrant.”

The Nine Tailed Fox is a popular mythical creature in East Asian culture. The Nine Tailed Fox is an alien and an immigrant to humanity in these myths, as the fox is on the border between human and beast. However, the fox wants to be part of human society and is often described as falling in love with a human.

In collaboration with Chicago-based drag queen, Soju, I created a public installment project: the Nine Tail Project. Due to the parallels between the mythical Nine Tailed Fox and Soju - she is an immigrant to the United States and often derives her drag queen look from East Asian myths - she is depicted as the mythical creature in this series. Combining our mutual experiences moving to America, we presented guerilla style installments in various Illinois regions over the span of nine days. The choreography and costumes of the Nine Tailed Fox represent Soju’s journey as an immigrant in Illinois, and the locations for the installments represent my own life as an international student in this country.

The nine installments illustrate the Nine Tailed Fox’s struggles to be a part of American society and culture. The projection sizes and surface textures of the images reflect the Nine Tailed Fox’s emotions throughout her journey.



Nine Tail Project

Guerilla Projection Installation

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